Terms and Conditions

Vacation Bible School Terms and Conditions

  • I understand that this event is for children 9 – 11 years old ONLY and if my child is younger or older than this age they CANNOT attend this event.
  • I agree to ensure that the age under which I am registering my child(ren) is accurate.
  • I consent that photos and/videos can be taken of my child and they can be used on Miracle Life Family Church social media platforms only.
  • I have ensured that he/she understands that it is important, for his/her and the group’s safety, that any instructions given by the staff or leaders are complied with.
  • I undertake to inform the church of any changes in the health of my child(ren), or any other changes deemed relevant, prior to the beginning of the event. I will keep my child home should they fall sick before leaving home or will immedietly come and pick them up should they fall sick after being dropped off at the church.
  • I agree that staff or leaders may, in the event of an emergency, need to perform basic first aid and I consent to this.
  • I will ensure that my child(ren) is dressed appropriately (girls should not wear any dresses or skirts). They will also not carry any bags, lunch boxes or drinking bottles or water.
  • I will ensure that my child(ren) does not carry cell phones, mp3 players, video games or any other valuable and distractive items. I accept that the church has no liability for any personal property lost, stolen or damaged.
  • I accept that I will be charged K100.00 should I pick up my child AFTER 13:30hrs. I commit to pay the amount, or the person I delegate to pick up my child. I agree to pay at the Bookshop before my child is released.